Activities @ RBLYaxley

We are an active social club, each week we have regular activities and severl recouring activities. You don't have to be a member to come try us out at several of these fun activities listed below. We hope you will become a member and a regular at our RBLYaxley social club, the National Membership costs just £16.00 a year and we have NO club fee to join. You will want your very own 'door fob' to enable you to get in, there is a one time £6.00 Fob deposit.

Just the type of community hub Peterborough area and Yaxley folks look for. We are a comfy, friendly, safe club and loads of fun and banter too. You can also sit with a drink and just be left to yourself if you want, we understand.


Men's DARTS Team - 7:00 pm Start [Bar Lounge]



(Free) POOL Night - 7:00 pm Start [Bar Lounge]

TABLE TENNIS Club are looking for members, they start up again in Sep - please see Ron or Linda for more details.



BINGO please see Bingo page here for all the details [Main Hall]



Ladies DARTS Team - 8.30 pm Start [Bar Lounge]

POOL Teams - 8:00 pm Start [Bar Lounge]



QUIZ Night, Meat RAFFLE [Bar and Bar Lounge]






Meat RAFFLE £1.00 per strip of 5 tickets [Bar]

Bar BINGO 1:00 - 2:00 pm [Bar]

BINGO please see Bingo page here for all the details [Main Hall]

From 7:00 pm RAFFLE / TOTE Draw (members only play) and Open the BOX [Events Hall]






Tel: 01733 240 873